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Issy Studio Video Findings

x Issy Studio is a bedroom in a flat on the 12th floor of a building in Vila Nova Conceição São Paulo, Brazil. Issy Studio is a flat in Pinheiros, Brazil. Issy Studio is music, football and weird dancing. Issy Studio is burning brooms on top of bus stops. Issy Studio is changing tunes when [...]

Dolce Stil Criollo – Tropical Opacity

Dolce Still Criollo is a neologism that invokes its own complexity. The publication derives from Dante’s inferno in order to establish itself in the Americas, where it serves as a platform for topical works investigating Latin America’s cultural-political sphere. Both its editorial line and experimental design seek to create a multilingual readership capable of reading [...]

Cosmic Psychos

In August 2017 Cotton Project presented its Spring/Summer 2018 collection at São Paulo Fashion Week. COSMIC PSYCHOS places an study on the contemporary human inquietude through two different perspectives. First, it investigates our anxiety by a temporal lens, as if it was a problem of our time, not occurring in a pre-internet period. On a [...]


POST- BEAUTY Amanda Schon In April 2017, Sometimes Always and make-up artist Amanda Schon came together to question the codes of a beauty shooting. From the capture technique and make-up tools to the concept of grooming, prettiness and beauty in fashion, the experiment aims to subvert the premises of how beauty is constructed, portrayed and [...]


XXXXXXX XXXXXXX is part of a yearlong project of generous relation and episodic publication on borders by Christopher Rey Pérez. Updates appear every month throughout three-month cycles. The first update presents a curated selection of materials, usually involving an excerpt of contemporary writing, an artwork, and a third variable related to books and the experience [...]

The Post-Body Economy

The Post-Body Economy: Your physiology is the new marketing battleground. Words: Days of Disorder Images: Marc Nagtzaam Look For Me Here, 2011 The 2010s have been marked by conceptual upheavals in various areas of our lives - whether individually or collectively. The implosion of the foundations that underpinned our notions of society, order, economy, social relations [...]