Dolce Stil Criollo – Tropical Opacity

Dolce Still Criollo is a neologism that invokes its own complexity. The publication derives from Dante’s inferno in order to establish itself in the Americas, where it serves as a platform for topical works investigating Latin America’s cultural-political sphere. Both its editorial line and experimental design seek to create a multilingual readership capable of reading across social registers.

Dolce Stil Criollo’s third issue explores how “tropical opacity” is a political mode of being that acknowledges the constructed nature of the tropical as nothing more than a pedagogical opportunity for its own re-imagining. The works within this issue respond to cultural factors from a globalized era in which knowledge and subjectivity are colonially determined, geo-politically situated, and economically conditioned.

Category: Self-publish
Location: Latin America
Collaborators: Christopher Rey Pérez
Year: 2017

160 pages
Edition of 1000
210 x 297 mm
Colour Offset