There are lights everywhere, though, at the same time, a sense of obscurity. This duality was the portrait of young kinds inside dark shit holes playing arcade back in the 1980s.

In the childhood of those ones born in the 1980s, video-game was responsible for driving these kids out of street games. During the teenagehood, the computer made them spent more time alone at their bedrooms talking to other lonely kids than in real groups. And now, during their adulthood, smartphones isolate them more, even though they are surrounded by countless people on the metro, at a party, on the street. etc.

That’s the way a whole generation grew up, by following up all kinds of virtualities. In this shoot, we honoured these once kids but now adults by portraying a cut of the population that have no idea what feels like to use an arcade chip. People who lives virtuality more than no one ever did, faking self-confidence and hiding fragilities. The images show millennials (or centennials) in dark ambients alluding to the isolation that the virtual world lead us behind all the hundreds of followers, fans and “friends”. The light of the arcade reveals the sensibility behind each of these kids.

photography: PABLO SABORIDO
art direction: MARCELO GERAB