DSC Booklets

Booklet 1
Querida Ele:

Andrés Paniagua
Translated by Diego Gerard Morrison

“Querida Ele:” is a series of docu-fictional correspondences that delve into the production of the film Elysium (2013) at the area of El Bordo de Xochiaca, Iztapalapa, and the surrounding areas of Mexico City. The work calls into question Mexico’s place in Hollywood’s imaginary, where dystopia, ecological collapse, and labor issues unfold in the future’s present tense. Diego Gerard Morrison translated the work for this booklet, which is also illustrated with film stills from Elysium. 

Languages: Spanish and English translation

Booklet 2

Ghérasim Luca
Translated by Nina Halevy Guedes

Passionate stuttering, syllabic feeling, and sonic repetition as meaning energize Ghérasim Luca’s “Passionnmént.” In this booklet, Romania’s foremost surrealist poet offers a phenakistiscope for the animation of writing into utterance. This special translation by Nina Halevy Guedes follows where the tongue leads.

Languages: French and Portuguese translation

Booklet 3
de Panuelo de Mocos

Fernanda Laguna
Translated by Alexis Almeida

Described by her translator, Alexis Almeida, as the “typical Fernanda-style [of] somewhat deranged love poems infused with political rage,” “de Panuelo de Mocos” maps the comings and goings of relationality in a world that’s blessed by the catharsis of blowing waste from the body, expressed as poetry. The booklet features a selection of poems, a brief interview, and original drawings by the author. 

Languages: Spanish and English translation 

Year: 2024
Languages: Multiple

Edition of 150 each
120 x 180 mm
Print: Two colours risographie