TFAM Net.Open

TFAM Net.Open is a hub for the convergence and co-creation between art creators, computer engineers, scientists, arts administrators, and production teams. The project is an initiative by Taipei Fine Arts Museum that aims to respond to the invention and application of new technologies in art creation or institutional systems in the digital age.

Curators and artists are invited to push the boundaries of virtual mediums and online spaces beyond physical exhibitions. The platform also integrates online and offline activities to provide audiences with more diversified channels to get closer to the core of the artists’ creations.

We were invited by curator Nadim Samman to design Net.Open’s launch website that features outstanding works by Hsien-Yu Cheng, Simon Denny and Jon Rafman. 

Category: Graphic Design
Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Collaborators: Nadim Samman, Whoddat
Client: Taipei Fine Arts Museum
Year: 2024