Public Records

Public Records is a space in Brooklyn NY that offers unique experiences both in music and hospitality. Through a very rich collaboration with founder Shane Davis and the PR team, Sometimes Always was in charge of rethinking Public Record’s design system, website and communication that is now up and running. ⁣

For the website, the challenge was to work on a structure and flow that would equally highlight PR’s main services: the restaurant and the sound room. The solution is pretty simple, having the homepage as a straightforward menu where you can choose where to go. Once inside a space, you are able to explore it in detail. Heavily based on typography, the design is as simple as possible, giving the content itself the protagonism. ⁣

Apart from the website itself, a whole communication system was created in order to host the intense and diverse activities they do. From daily music performances to interviews with wine producers, Public Records is truly a hub for contemporary culture and arts. ⁣

Category: Graphic Design
Location: New York City, USA
Client: Public Records
Collaborators: Fluxo, Shane Davis
Year: 2022