Final work of Architecture and Urbanism studies developed between February and November 2011.

It’s an extensive research of public spaces doomed to decay and degradation due to the negligence of government and society. The work is based on the essay Non Places by french anthropologist Marc Augé, as well as Post-Structuralist theories, and the concept of Rhizome by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guatarri. It presents essays on both architectural and artistical affairs, with case studies on works of Gordon Matta-Clark, Bernard Tschumi, Superstudio and more.

The main focus of the research is the beach and the relation that people have to it and to eachother while occupying collective spaces like that. It tries to draw conclusions on how urban spaces can be constructed in a way that people relate to them as the way they relate to beaches.

The research culminated in the production of a monographical publcication in parallel with the design of a multifunctional building in Sao Paulo.

Category: Self-publish
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Year: 2011

144 pages
Edition of 10
148x210mm (A5)
Color Digital Print