Heineken Glass Room

In late 2015 I was commissioned by Paola Wescher and Barry company to build a team and create a special project for Heineken. The team was made by Solenn Robic, Hick Duarte, Marcelo Gerab, Jonatas Pontes and me. Heineken Glass Room was a multi sensorial project that gathered art and music on the foreground of Oscar Niemeyer’s Museum in Curitiba, Brazil. During for weekends, the public could experience light and sound through out 4 spaces that we designed.

Multi Shadows was the entry of Glass Room and it was basically a corridor that displayed three different shadows of the passer-by via an arrangement of RGB light spots.

Color Space was a big squared white box filled with changing lights that was cut out by a mirror installation portal on the middle of the space. It was a game of lights, colors and reflections.

3D Lights was a lounge where the bar and seats were located. It was covered in a surface made out of white cubes with different depths. By displaying led light spots in different angles and playing with their colors, we were able to create a continuous movement in the space together with optical illusions.

Outline Heat, the dance floor, in opposition to the rest of the project, had as its main characteristic the lack of light in order to bring a more immersive experience to the sound itself. The only light at the space was a subtle led tape marking the rectangled edge of the dance floor.

Apart from the ephemeral architecture design, we also worked on the identity of Heineken Glass Room 2015 together with graphic material and on and offline communication.

Category: Ephemeral Architecture / Communication In Loco 
Location: Curitiba, Brazil
Client: Heineken
Collaborators: Solenn Robic, Jonatas Pontes, Marcelo Gerab and Hick Duarte
Year: 2015