Akira Umeda – Akira Umeda

LP graphics for the outstanding release by our friends from Lugar Alto featuring the work of the unique multi-artist Akira Umeda. A historian by training, he became a ceramicist, a photographer, a visual artist, a draftsman, a graphic designer, a DJ, a musician, an audio technician, a writer, a researcher… This double LP unveils forty-two recordings, ranging over three decades, alluding to the incredible range of his creative work: from songs, to ambient music; from field recordings to prank calls. Drawn from cassette tapes stored in Umeda’s house in São José dos Campos, in São Paulo, Brazil.

For the cover, we used one of Akira’s photographs together with his initials built with fake semen that can also be found on the inner gatefold along with some of the artist’s own illustrations. The last image of the carousel is a screenshot of Akira after seeing the cover design for the first time.

Akira Umeda is a true artist. One of those that not rarely remains unheard and unseen, hiding treasures within their own worlds. Lucky enough Akira has shared these gems with us. Enjoy!

Get your copy through Lugar Alto bandcamp, Honest Jon’s, or at your local record shop.

Category: Graphic Design 
Location: São Paulo
Client: Lugar Alto
Year: 2023