Adidas Newspaper

Fast and furious journal we’ve just designed for Adidas Brazil. Virada News is a 16 pages tabloid featuring some of the activities supported by adidas in Virada Esportiva, a whole weekend of free sports activities that happens every year in Sao Paulo. ⁣

The whole process of making the journal took a week to be completed: Thursday: pitch / brief > Friday: text and images supplied > Saturday and Sunday: design > Monday: proof > Tuesday: print > Wednesday: launch⁣

The newspaper was freely distributed yesterday in a newsstand in Avenida Paulista. In this post, some pictures shot yesterday during the distribution by the golden boy Felipe Vianna.

It is always good to have a nice amount of time to work. However, some things are just like that. It is super challenging to work within such a dynamic pace and there is a lot to learn from that pressure. It actually felt like a newspaper workflow. Hands down to all of you who work in this industry. It is very much exciting. ⁣

Category: Graphic Design
Location: Brazil
Client: Adidas
Year: 2019