Turbulences / Confluences

Turbulences / Confluences is our first project in Marseille since we partially relocated to the city. The project consisted of creating two posters to be hung at Deep Café new kiosk at Boulevard Chave, a street that has a tram line, a bike lane and pedestrians.

Our idea was to create something that is related to the city Marseille, and explore the dichotomy of its bright side (confluences) and its dark side (turbulences), each poster dealing with one of these sides. Confluences is a chart that illustrates the country of birth of the non-french Marseille population. It intends to represent the ample diversity of the different origins and backgrounds that inhabitants of Marseille carry with them. Turbulences, on the other hand, is a chart that shows Marseille’s CO2 emissions by source, emphasizing one of the city’s most critical problems and how it is neglected by the state and the population.

We have never worked with such a huge format for a poster before so we thought about playing with the readability and scale of the posters, where people on the run (bike, tram, car) would see a colorful abstract figure that is open to multiple interpretations. The passersby, on the other hand, would be able to get closer to the posters and see other details and the real meaning of that information.

Thanks once again Deep Café for opening this door. It’s been over a year since we moved from Berlin to Marseille and this is finally starting to feel like home. For those who have never been to Marseille before, here is an honest invitation. Come discover this multilayered city, unique in its beauty and complexity.

Category: Graphic Design
Location: Marseille, France
Client: Deep Café
Collaborators: Léonie Montjarret
Year: 2022