Trikk – Fauna & Flora

Trikk’s striking debut album Fauna & Flora cultivates a sense of scale, character and broad- minded musicianship across ten genre-fusing tracks. Just as its namesake spans the vast spectrum of life on Earth, so this expansive document draws from a diverse sound palette that jumps from widescreen psychedelia and industrial-crusted pop to baile funk and foreboding techno. Partly descending from the club-focussed fare with which Trikk made his name, he also reaches for art- rock, punk and post-punk to expand on his electronic foundations.

Bringing a variety of instruments and more hands-on recording techniques into his toolkit, for Fauna & Flora he also worked with an array of collaborators, including Swiss DJ and musician Jimi Jules and Brazilian visual artist Gabriel Massan, stepping outside his comfort zone to forge new creative relationships.

At the core of Fauna & Flora sits the friction between harmony and destruction. Euphoric club music bleeds into driving synth-pop that often hints at a suggestion of melancholy lurking beneath. “I wanted to create that feeling where there are these rays of light and total darkness, it’s a game between these two worlds coexisting,” says Trikk.

Our work was to visually translate this duality of the album. To do so, we made use of mixed media techniques and came up with an identity that is the close we ever got to patchworking.  

Category: Graphic Design
Location: Berlin, Germany
Client: Innvervisions
Year: 2022