The Last Museum

The Last Museum is an exhibition that explores tensions between the imagined ‘anywhere’ of digital space and its relation to concrete places and objects. Deploying a hybrid offline-online format, the project invites an international group of artists to reimagine site-specificity, through a sequence of interventions that cut across both real and virtual domains. The artists are Nora Al-Badri (Germany/Iraq), Juliana Cerqueira Leite (Brazil), Nicole Foreshew (Wiradjuri Nation/Australia), Jakrawal Nilthamrong (Thailand), Zohra Opoku (Ghana), and Charles Stankievech (Canada).

The Last Museum connects disparate sites, spanning six continents and the virtual sphere. It is an experiment that deploys a unique exhibition design—embracing the overlapping analog and digital dimensions of a given location while, additionally, exploiting the unique potentials of each for dramatic effect. Each artist was commissioned to author a sculptural group, to be installed at a location of their own choosing. The choice was only limited by a request that it be associated with communication and connectivity. 

The Last Museum is a web-site-specific project—in the sense that both its artistic content and exhibition design re-imagines the stakes of ‘site-specificity’ for digital times.

Text by Nadim Samman, curator of The Last Museum

Category: Digital
Location: Berlin
Website: kw-berlin.de/thelastmuseum
Collaborators: Nadim Samman
Year: 2021