Suicidal Expenses

Back in December 2020, our friend Simon Reichel was in a German forest witnessing police brutality against people who were peacefully trying to save the trees from being cut down for a motorway. The activists were put in physical danger, some were arrested and many received lawsuits.

Together with Arthur Longo and Tom Guilmard, we designed three t-shirts in an attempt to raise financial support for this group. The shirts are screen printed at Booh Outfit, a social enterprise employing, training and re-socialising prison inmates in Berlin. The entire profit margin will be donated in equal shares to Rote Hilfe and The American Civil Liberties Union.

Our modest collaboration, Suicidal Expenses, focuses on our shopping behaviors and how the way we spend our money can have a positive or negative impact on our planet.

Support civil disobedience in climate activism now. Get your t-shirt at
Lovely pictures by Maehrlein Vonperfall

Category: Graphic Design
Location: Berlin, DE
Collaborators: ACF Haus, Simon Reichel, Arthur Longo, Tom Guilmard
Photography: Maerhlein Vonperfall
Website: ACF Haus Capsule 1
Year: 2021