Silva – Vista Pro Mar

Vista Pro Mar (Ocean View) is the second album of the Brazilian SILVA released by Som Livre. A multi-instrumentalist born and based in Vitória (Espírito Santo, Brazil), SILVA released his first album Claridão on 2012 by Slap Music. One year after that, he contacted my while I was already living in London.

It was early 2013 and the project was still on scratch but SILVA had already great ideas in his mind. After 10 months of building the concept, we finally met in Lisbon where he recorded some of his songs.

The team was made by SILVA, his brother Lucas, the great photographer Rui Aguiar, the sweet girl Sofia Leitão and me. We had an intense time. I listened to the songs over and over again, trying to capture the story in its core. We had some studios shots, experimenting with water, glasses and aluminium; plus, an outside shooting on a beach on the outskirts of the city. It was my very first experience as an art director, managing the visuals of such a big project. Thanks to that awesome team, it turned out great.

The outcomes were quite diverse: a vinyl, a CD, a publication, some promotion materials and the website. We used both inside and outside pictures featuring SILVA and Sofia. For the cover, the choice was a portrait made during our experiences with water in the studio. On Vista Pro Mar, SILVA sounds more like a guy who is part of the ocean and knows it in its deepness, rather than an outsider. We want to illustrate the ocean view in a less literal way, so we used the water and the graphic frame that can be read as a window.

Category: Album Cover / Collaterals
Location: Brazil
Client: Som Livre
Collaborators: Rui Aguiar
Year: 2014