Selvagem is a DJ duo based in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro composed by Millos Kaiser and Trepanado. For the last few years they have been throwing parties in both capitals that portray the youth spirit in Brazil nowadays: to get back to the street and appropriate the public space bringing the social life back to it.

Among other parties all over the country, Selvagem (wild) has three fixed monthly parties, two in Sao Paulo and one in Rio. I was invited to create an identity for the visual communication of these parties. The challenge was to create something that was easily recognisable as Selvagem but keeping a distinction between each party/place. With that in mind, we divided the parties by three different “wild” elements: native tribes, animals and plants.

Each party has its own element that is always present; native tribes for Casa da Luz, animals for Paribar and plants for Gamboa. These elements are always assembled with cuts and collages and displayed in a duotone artwork. The colours also reflect the time of the day that the parties take place. If the background is in a bright colour, it means that the party will be during the day. If the background is dark, the party will happen at night.

The posters are always made in three diferente formats: A3 for the print version, an horizontal one for Facebook events and a squared one for Instagram. This is easily possible to be done as the cut elements can be displayed in varying formats while still keeping the consistency of the identity.

Category: Graphic Design
Location: São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Client: Selvagem
Collaborators: Solenn Robic
Year: 2015-2016