Sagrado (in english, sacred) is a drinks and snacks bar located in Uberlândia, Minas Gerais, Brazil. It opened its doors in August 2014 and it soon became a chill place to hang out in a town thirsty for spots like this. I was invited to create the bar’s brand and visual communication.

The identity created tries to illustrate what the bar has as its main essence, that is in fact two different things. The first one, is the traditional act of eating and drinking. This is probably one of the simplest and oldest traditions in society. It can be found in every single country and culture, and it is indeed sacred to some of them… Besides of being something that we, Brazilians, do it so well. The second essence of the bar, on the other hand, is to propose something new to this practice. To imagine and create new ways of worshiping our food and drink with the ones we love. In addition, all this proposal had to be done in a city like Uberlândia, which is known for its conservative manners. Although young, large and full o life, Uberlândia has always been very traditional and averse to innovation in leisure, specially regarding bars and restaurants. The city is full of ‘botecos’, a conventional type of bar; but a place like Sagrado (experimental drinks, shared menus, etc) is definitely the first one.

All these conditions are directly reflected in the branding itself that tries to illustrate the traditional and sacred part of the project, as well as its innovative and adventurous side. The logo was broken down into two distinctive components. The hand illustration (inspired by the work Albrecht Dürer from 1508) guides the conservative side. It is followed by other graphic elements such as the serif font on the stationery, the engravings and the sober colour tones. All these parts are directly connected to the architecture of the place, made out of brick walls, concrete floor and wooden beams.

The other side of the logo, and as a consequence, of the whole identity, is made out of just typography and illustrates the innovative side of Sagrado. Even so, the composition of the type keeps the spiritual and sacred vibe. This contemporary aspect of the project is also reflected on the images created by Hick Duarte (two last images), composed by unusual compositions of still life that put together not only things presented on the menu but also some sacred objects that belong to the owners of the bar and their friends.

Category: Visual Identity
Location: Uberlândia, Brazil
Client: Do Do Do
Collaborators: Solenn Robic
Year: 2014