Queremos! Belle & Sebastian

Queremos! is a crowd funding platform based in Rio de Janeiro that helps fans to bring their favourite bands to play in town. Founded in 2010, the project brought great acts to Brazil such as Tame Impala, The XX, Jaguar Ma, Explosions in the Sky, Yo La Tengo among many others.

We were invited by Queremos! to design the poster for Belle & Sebastian gig that will take place in October 2015. The inspiration came from the video for “This is Just a Modern Rock Song”, my favourite song from the group, that basically shows random super 8 images from anonymous people on daily situations. It has a beautiful 1980’s soft sadness aesthetics that I wanted to bring to the artwork.

From there I decided that I wanted to use a real image from a couple in Rio de Janeiro during the 1980’s making a connection to this video but also playing with Belle and Sebastian as proper names of these characters. Through a post on Facebook, I got over 20 images of friend’s parents in Rio de Janeiro. It was an impossible task to chose just one image as I got in touch with awesome material. Queremos! chose themselves the image of the couple in carnival costumes as it has a clearer reference to Rio de Janeiro and Brazil.

The other posters were never used as an official communication of the event but the images are so cool that makes no sense to never show them.

Category: Graphic Design
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Client: Queremos!
Year: 2015