Popload Festival 2015

Popload Festival is an annual music event based in São Paulo, Brazil. Since its start in 2013, the festival stands out for its innovative, intimate and cozy format that is unique in the city when compared to mainstream events. With a nice curation of bands Popload has been winning the hearts of its public year after year and in had feature artists such as The XX, Iggy Pop, Tame Impala, Belle & Sebastian, Wilco, Cat Power, Metronome and many others.

In 2015 I was gently invited by friends Paola Weschel and Lucio Ribeiro – founders of Popload Festival and partners at Barry Company – to design the festival third edition’s identity. Together with the talented Solenn Robic and Marcelo Gerab, we managed to create a communication based only in our hands and what they could tell.  even if you don’t know sign language. During 5 intense months of communication we built a huge range of on and offline material unfolded only by one day of hand pictures shot by the amazing Eudes de Santana. These materials were as diverse as we could get them to be: social media gifs and videos, website, poster, postal cards, stickers, t-shirt, tote bag, identity cards, wristbands, line-up booklet, festival signage and many more.

It was definitely a nice project to work on where we challenged ourselves to do something beyond the flat communication that is founded in most of the festival out there. If that was something that we didn’t want to do was another illustration and type festival communication. Gladly, that was successfully achieved.

Category: Festival Identity
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Client: Popload
Collaborators: Solenn Robic and Marcelo Gerab
Hands Pictures: Eudes de Santana
Year: 2015