Planet Hemp – Jardineiros

Planet Hemp is a musical group founded in Rio de Janeiro in 1993 that has an unique sound, mixing hardcore, rap, boogie, ragga and samba. Singing about the decriminalization of drugs, police brutality, social contrasts and the flaws of the system, the band shaped Brazilian youth like no one else. After a very long hiatus of 22 years without releasing anything, Planet Hemp is finally back with their excellent album ‘Jardineiros’ (gardeners). 

Marcelo D2, one of the band members, messaged us on a Sunday morning three months ago. We couldn’t believe ourselves; Planet Hemp was back and we were invited to work on their visuals. Together with Mateus Acioli, we designed the project’s visual identity that is manifested in the singles and album covers, print and digital communication, video-clips and many more.

As the band briefed us, Planet Hemp is much more than a musical group and its members. It is a shared idea, a generation, a movement… Those who plant and who are planted. So the idea behind the visuals followed this brief closely. It is a collective manifestation made out of works by over 20 artists, assembled together with collages and historical video stills collected by us and Mateus. With very simple compositions, these images are supported by text set in Arizona by Dinamo. 

The result is a multitude of narratives, stories and perspectives that share  similar discontents to the world we live in but also a certain hope for a better future. 

A huge thanks to all of you who accepted to be part of this and to Ana for helping us out with the research. This is genuinely a collaborative work that wouldn’t be the same without you.