Visual identity and communication for LIMBO, Hick Duarte’s exhibition that happened between September and October 2019 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Among a dream team of talented friends that include (Bloco, Fluxo and Marcelo Gerab) Sometimes Always was in charge of the visual identity and overall communication of the exhibition that was materialized in multiple formats such as print material (posters, catalogue and postcards), signage (banners and exhibition layout), social media and website. ⁣

The 300 edition catalogue is made out of 36 unbounded A3 leaflets. They were folded into A4s and randomly placed inside a transparent envelope with the signature on the front and credits on the back. The result is a publication with 72 different covers, as seen in this post.⁣

It is worth to say that our brother Hick Duarte will be in London later this month to receive another prize from the British Fashion Awards as a new talent. It is always a pleasure working with you my friend. ⁣❤️

Category: Visual Identity / Communication
Location: São Paulo, Brazil 

Year: 2019