Joana Pizza Bar

Unfinished identity for a pizzeria in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro. Joana Pizza Bar was located in the ground floor of a hostel in the hip carioca beach. The place offered great sourdough pizza and drinks for young people living and visiting the area. Some days of the week they would have DJs or live music as well.

The identity took inspiration from the popular culture of pizzeria’s communication all over the world, playing with a mix of languages and styles in a visual freedom that we very much admire. Brazil is full of these interesting places, an absolute aesthetic delight. Sometimes they would have one logo in the facade, another one in the menu and a third one in the business cards. There would be no grid of any sort and fonts would be used and mixed as much as possible. For each communication asset, a different printer or supplier would be used. Altogether, this multitude of languages and visual freedom results in a non-identity that is the identity per se. 

Joana Pizza Bar was open for less than a year but sadly it has been closed since the beginning of the pandemics. 

Category: Graphic Design
Location: Brazil
Client: Joana Pizza Bar
Year: 2019