Gop Tun Festival

Design language, website and communication for Gop Tun Festival 2022, an electronic music festival happening in Sao Paulo. Gop Tun, you might have noticed, is an anagram for “Top Gun”, that aviation blockbuster featuring Tom Cruise. It is also the result of the musical bond between four DJ friends, a party that toured across the states of Brazil and a music label, counting 27 releases in its catalog. In 2022 Gop Tun celebrates its 10th anniversary and is now also a festival. 43 artists. 20 hours of partying. 4 stages.

We’ve been collaborating with Gop Tun since 2018, designing a bunch of their party flyers, defining a system for their mixtape series (Gop Cast), creating the identity for the NYE festival Xama, designing some record covers for the label’s releases, among many other things. Now, once again, we were in charge of the visuals for their brand new Gop Tun Festival. For that, we partnered with the outstanding artist variastatu, who created an alphabet where every letter became a face. Varias’ alphabet became the foundation mark for the festival’s ID and the whole visual language was designed around it. The idea behind these letter-avatars was to create a representation of our beings during the stage of a dance, where our energies transpose our bodies in a (sometimes) transcendental fashion. A dancefloor is a micro-universe and we become these crazy creatures that inhabit it.

Léonie Montjarret, our intern during the creation of the project and super talented designer, had a crucial role in defining the main pillars of the system, such as the color palette and effects, apart from designing some of the tree posters. The final result proves that a festival ID can be much more fun and inventive than the ultra-boring list of artist billing in a condensed font through apathetic design choices.

Category: Graphic Design
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Client: Gop Tun
Collaborators: variastatu, Léonie Montjarret
Year: 2021