Fidèle is an outstanding riso press and a publisher based in Paris. We were invited to rethink their visual identity, website and printed matter. Together with long time collaborator Mateus Acioli, we came out with a branding built around the company’s three spectrums of loyalty:

1. loyalty to the riso technique
2. loyalty to the colours
3. loyalty to the artists they publish

All of the branding elements are equally important and representative of the identity. The straightforward lettermark and typeface evoking the seriousness and commitment of the business, the abstract shapes referencing the comics universe, the colour palette mostly applied through gradients representing the vast universe of their printing possibilities, and finally, a new riso colour created specially for them, Fidèle Blue. 

The project scope is very broad, encompassing a vast list of digital and printed assets: business cards, letterhead, invoice, envelope, color chart, print guide, color mixing chart, notepad, stickers, t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, paper bags, packing tape, etc. The whole printed matter has been printed and is available for purchase at Fidèle’s website. 

We have no words to thank Fidèle’s team enough for putting so much love, energy and talent into this project. It is truly an honour to be able work on a project as such and being able to see all these components coming to live.  

Long live independent publishing!

Category: Identity
Location: France
Client: Fidèle
Collaborators: Mateus Acioli, Fluxo Design
Year: 2020