Fenda (portuguese for “slit”) is an art residency space in Sao Paulo focused on developing young artists from Brasil based on mentoring, group work and experimentation. Founded  by our lifetime collaborator and friend Hick Duarte in 2020, Fenda already hosted two residents, DVA Deluxe and Trevo. During their residencies, both artists produced outcomes that illustrate the intrinsic diversity of Fenda; the first, a clothing collection and a publication and the second, a music EP and a short film.

Invited by Hick, we were in charge of designing  Fenda’s visual identity that is manifested through stationary, promotional material, website and multiple printed matter. We explored the idea of the slit means in an excludent ambient which is the art world. Through a very straightforward approach (just one typeface, black and white palette and content exposed compositions), the identity works as a simple but strong support to what really matters here: the residents and their art.

Hands down Hick for such an amazing initiative and congratulations to the past residents for your outstanding work. Excited to see what comes next.

Long live Fenda, long live the slit!

Category: Visual Identity 
Location: São Paulo, Brasil
Client: Fenda
Collaborators: Fluxo
Year: 2021