Art journal created for the MA Publishing program at London College of Communication. Taking a leap into art house film, it intends to communicate what ideas and emotions films galvanise in our lives through other art forms (illustration, fiction, photography, essay, collage). This first issue tackles an unusual theme, Environments, that unfolds in four chapters (Body, Atmosphere, Nature and Built) and a booklet supplement.

From the printing in black and white over six tones of coloured paper, the use of bold typography and design, the laser cutting of the cover, the use of layering with transparent papers and the hand sewn naked binding, the journal is an ode to the value of print, craft and tactility.

Category: Self-publish
Location: London, UK
Collaborators: Catherine Métayer, Masovaida Morgan and Nazanin Shannavaz
Year: 2012

188 pages | Edition of 15
210x297mm (A4)
B&W and Colour Digital Print