Project Info

San Forno

San Forno is a Contemporary food Lab, where a passionate research about baking well, merge with creativity to conceive a unique food experience. An important part of their work is the attempt to make a link between the small Italian family farms, the very traditional cheese makers and cured meet masters, the great coffee roasters and master brewers, and the boutique wine makers in order to create a modern tasting experience.

The restaurant roasts three types of coffee and serves sandwiches, pizzas and wine in a process that they called “fast gourmet”. The first store will be opened in October 2015 but the plan is to expand inside London and in other European capitals.

The branding tries to picture their careful curation of products in balance with a fast contemporary type of service. As an Italian brand, we tried to make it look not too caricatured by using a purplish grey colour and modern type for the identity. The frame on the logo suggests the oven, which is what “forno” means in Italian. The packaging is quite simple and straight forward, composed only by type and colours.