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With the statement “the future starts now”, this issue is designed as a manifesto. Through out the pages, we share our thoughts about energy, creativity, love, passion, sex, escapism, innovation, work, courage, instability, family, equality of genders and liberty. All the itens of the manifesto are illustrated by portfolios, fashion editorials, articles and interviews.

Some of the names involved with this issue are Alicia Vikander, Caca de Souza, Giorgio Armani, J.W. Anderson, Lynsey Peisinger, Marcio Simnch, Marina Abramovic, Maxime Ballesteros, Nino Cais, Paula Garcia, Paulo Mendes da Rocha, Regina Casé, Rodrigo Guima, Ronaldo Fraga, Sean Baker and Vavá Ribeiro.

The issue also features a huge backstage coverage of Sao Paulo Fashion Week done by five different photographers. Each of them was in charge of a day of the event. By using different medias such as VHS and analog photography, they managed to create a truly diverse and interesting portrait of the event. Photographers include Alex Batista, Demian Jacob, João Arraes, Hick Duarte and Eudes de Santana.

200 pages | Edition of 8000 | 230x300mm| Colour Offset