BANCA is bar and shop located in Uberlândia, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Founded by three friends, Trissia Lelis, Felipe Savone and Jafet Antoun, BANCA is the second achievement of the group that owns already Sagrado, a drinks bar based in the same town.

In Portuguese banca means stand (newsstand, fruit stand, music stand, etc) and it is directly related to the concept of the place. During the days, BANCA works as a souvenir shop where one can find funny gifts and craft of all kinds. During the night, the place becomes a bar serving mainly beer and street food. Opened in November 2016, BANCA is a versatile shop that among all the other activities, being a spot for meeting friends and having a cool time is the main one.

I was invited to design the identity of BANCA which was based on the orthogonal structure of classic shelves used in newsstands and local shops. A modular squared grid was created and can be adapted to any kind of use. This versatility is supported by the use of a monospace font that fits perfectly inside the grid. The logo was designed in a reduced version of the grid composed by three rows and three columns. Inside this base, BANCA can be written in uncountable ways, emphasizing the flexibility of the proposal but still keeping its identity and signature.

The colour palette is simple: a dark grey and two tones of off-white. 10 different organic patterns were created in order to break the orthogonality and symmetry of the grid and type, bringing and new level of depth to the project. All these elements are unfolded in varying ways showing good results on both on and offline pieces. Finally, as a market positioning, it was suggested the use of statements with surrealistic tones apart from the production of merchandising products that supports the image of the brand such as t-shirts and tote bags.

Category: Visual Identity
Location: Uberlândia, Brazil
Client: Do Do Do
Collaborators: Solenn Robic
Year: 2016