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Issy Studio Video Findings

x Issy Studio is a bedroom in a flat on the 12th floor of a building in Vila Nova Conceição São Paulo, Brazil. Issy Studio is a flat in Pinheiros, Brazil. Issy Studio is music, football and weird dancing. Issy Studio is burning brooms on top of bus stops. Issy Studio is changing tunes when [...]

Dolce Stil Criollo – Tropical Opacity

Dolce Still Criollo is a neologism that invokes its own complexity. The publication derives from Dante’s inferno in order to establish itself in the Americas, where it serves as a platform for topical works investigating Latin America’s cultural-political sphere. Both its editorial line and experimental design seek to create a multilingual readership capable of reading [...]


There are lights everywhere, though, at the same time, a sense of obscurity. This duality was the portrait of young kinds inside dark shit holes playing arcade back in the 1980s. In the childhood of those ones born in the 1980s, video-game was responsible for driving these kids out of street games. During the teenagehood, [...]

Cosmic Psychos

In August 2017 Cotton Project presented its Spring/Summer 2018 collection at São Paulo Fashion Week. COSMIC PSYCHOS places an study on the contemporary human inquietude through two different perspectives. First, it investigates our anxiety by a temporal lens, as if it was a problem of our time, not occurring in a pre-internet period. On a [...]


POST- BEAUTY Amanda Schon In April 2017, Sometimes Always and make-up artist Amanda Schon came together to question the codes of a beauty shooting. From the capture technique and make-up tools to the concept of grooming, prettiness and beauty in fashion, the experiment aims to subvert the premises of how beauty is constructed, portrayed and [...]

The Quiet Hand

THE QUIET HAND Images and words: Pedro Pinho Lane Marinho is a shoemaker and Regina Dabdab is a jewellery designer. Those words might be limited to describe their work though. They both create visual pieces that are meant to be worn, yet they remain distant from fashion: something about their process goes against retail as [...]


XXXXXXX XXXXXXX is part of a yearlong project of generous relation and episodic publication on borders by Christopher Rey Pérez. Updates appear every month throughout three-month cycles. The first update presents a curated selection of materials, usually involving an excerpt of contemporary writing, an artwork, and a third variable related to books and the experience [...]